About Author

Life in Mexico

An exchange student secretly wanting to escape the past while discover the greater beauty of the world.

Life in Canada

A university student,  desiring to obtain riches through business though lacking Godly strategy (now realized). While becoming a network marketer with a goal to make millions in a few months God had other plans for that period.

Life in Israel 

A Global Marketing exchange student, living a lukewarm lifestyle unbeknownst God was ready to transform her entire story. Literally the sweetest place she had ever experienced, from the fresh air to the fresh food to the fresh culture.


My name is Ranae Kai; meeting and falling in love with our heavenly Father was the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I am filled with His peace and love and am beyond excited to share His goodness with the world. 

I grew from loving the lifestyle I once knew to hating the lifestyle I once knew. My desire for God compares to a buffet. I have an indescribable hunger that sincerely cares to sit at His feet and eat until overflow. 


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