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Jewel is about a young black woman who has been there and done it all. In her young adult life, God’s grace has been an everlasting discovery of joy. Each day has been a new rewarding experience of God’s supernatural grace. However, only in the last five years has there been an intentional journey of discovering God’s love and self-identity in Christ.

She often thought she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted until she realized that rock bottom can occur when you least expect it. From having sex with a different guy each season to trialing and erroring with one-night stands, she made some of the worst decisions in life because of her ignorance. She was on a pursuit to do more, become more in her own strength.

But God. God’s presence became her everything, everything she ever desired, and more. This book was written to help you realize that God has gifted you with numerous talents that can be naturally embraced with excellence once aligned with His perfect will for your life. 

Needed conversation about sex, God and relationships. Restoring Hidden Treasures Through Christ. Sexual purity, sexual abstinence, virgin. Confidence and boldness. Woman of God. From brokenness to wholeness. Emotional Health, Spiritual health, wellness.


What payment methods could I use to purchase Jewel?
PayPal or Direct bank deposit.
I am under 18 years old, is Jewel for me?
Yes, of course! Please have a parent or guardian to purchase the book for you. 
May I purchase in bulk for my school (students)?
Yes, of course! Bulk orders include a minimum of 100 books to qualify for free local shipping and other added value.
I have not read the Bible, will I benefit from reading Jewel?
Yes, of course! Jewel is a perfect resource to support your transformation journey in becoming a purer and better you.
Is Jewel for sexually active individuals?
Yes. Jewel is an empowering book to help you identify your value, build your confidence, and challenge your thinking.
Is Jewel recommended for those who have aborted a child, experienced a divorce, cheated on their partner?
Yes, yes, yes. Jewel powerfully reshapes your mind to understand the divine purpose God has secured just for you, plans to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11), as well as plans to prosper (Psalm 1:3)
Are there gift cards available?
Yes, of course! Please type gift cards in the search engine and you have three options to choose from.
Are shipping and taxes included in purchase?
Yes, shipping cost and tax fees are automatically generated according to your location.
Is there an option to return my item(s) once purchased?
No, but customers have the opportunity to have the item credit. Please refer to out Refund Policy.

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